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Although it is difficult to come up with a ‘standard kit’ because of the wide variety of needs from our customers, due to weather, geographical location, purpose of the building they require, or simply budget; we are committed to making things as straight-forward as we can.

Below are some examples of our standard kits which are ‘typical’ sizes our customers require, however they are only examples and they can be modified to meet your needs. This can range from increasing the height, width or length of the building, painted or galvanised steel and preparing the building for future work, including lean to extensions, later cladding and canopy’s for feeding or storage.

The possibilities are endless!


30 x 60 x 12
40 x 60 x 12
40 x 120 x 14 with 5ft canopy
50 x 100 x 14
80 x 100 x 14


What’s included?

All buildings are supplied with Eternit Fibre Cement roof sheets, tanalised timber purlins, painted steel, 170mm Hunter PVC rainwater goods and both gable ends clad to square and in accordance with BS5502 specification.

NOTE:  Prices based on 20ft bays with ‘C24’ 9″x 3″ timber purlins, paint finish with galvanising available at an additional cost. All prices exclude  VAT and delivery. If you have your own transport and are able to collect everything from our yard, then delivery charges are not applicable.

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